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Elks Hannibal w/ Big Richard & Further Ado :

BreastFest Hard Times Camp Point June 11th, 2011 :

thanks to Reggie for the pics!

Lori's 40th B'day Party Feb 5th, 2011 :

thanks to Reggie, Dena & Mariah for the pics!

Jamie & Reggie's Wedding Party July 17th, 2010 :

1st Annual "Leaps of Love" musician's charity benefit January 17th, 2010 :

Goobies New Canton, IL March 14th, 2009 :

Benefit for Crafty Hannibal November 8th, 2008 :

thanks to Mariah and Sonya for the pics!

Corey Wilkey Benefit October 11th, 2008 :

thanks to Tim Betts for the pics!

...a few more pictures from Corey's benefit

Elk's Hannibal May 10th, 2008 :

also, special guests "The Missouri Noodlers"

Tuesday jam at Smith Music Quincy February 26th, 2008 :